Our Goats
     It's hard to believe that it's almost that time again. Spring!! Which to us of course means KIDDING SEASON!!! We say this with so much emphasis because this is truly the highlight of our year here at the farm. Yes we make and sell soap and we do festivals and different shows, but all of that is a by-product of what is our true passion. Our goats.
     Now it didn't start off that way. We bought a few grown goats and we thought "well they're pretty cool". And then it happened.  We had our first kids (baby goats) born here on the farm and we were hooked!!
     If you've never seen baby goats you are missing out on some of God's cutest creations. They run, jump, kick, and buck just like small children. Always playing. We spend an enormous amount of time with our kids (some may say an unhealthy amount-) so they will be socialized and friendly.  
     We also leave all of our babies with their mamas until they are appropriately weened. We feel that this is healthiest for the mamas and the kids. The kids stand a much better chance of survival if left with mama for at least 6-8 weeks. There is nothing sadder than hearing a mama cry for it's little one. 

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