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Cedarwood & Bergamot
Cedarwood &BergamotThe wonderfully sexy cedarwood paired with Bergamot in this bar is earthy, manly, & definitely sexy. We have paired the goodness of our goat milk with poppy seed and cornmeal for a natural nourishing bar of soap. Oh yeah did I mention the smell is out of this world?! 
Cocoa ButterCocoa Butter
Coconut LemongrassCoconut Lemongrass
Dead Sea Mud BarDead Sea Mud Bar
Eucalyptus and LemongrassEucalyptus and Lemongrass
Eucalyptus And SpearmintEucalyptus And Spearmint
Lavender & EucalyptusLavender & Eucalyptus
Lavender & SpearmintLavender & Spearmint
Lavender and Rosemary Salt Bar
Lemon PoppyLemon Poppy
Nag ChampaNag Champa
Oatmeal Milk HoneyOatmeal Milk Honey
Peppermint Wake-Up Salt Bar
Shaving Disk
Shea Butter
The Worker's BarThe Worker's Bar
Van Gogh (Sandalwood & Patchouli)Van Gogh (Sandalwood & Patchouli)

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