We take great pride in our goat milk soap. Each bar is hand poured and hand cut. Because of this no 2 bars will be identical. They may look alike, but if you look closely you will see the tiny differences that make our goat milk soap so unique and special. We do not use any chemicals in our soap, however some of our soaps are scented with fragrance oils instead of essential oils. We specify on each bar how it is scented or unscented. We only use therapuetic grade essential oils and the highest quality fragrance oils. In addition our soap is colored with all natural ingredients.
    Also all of our goat milk soap is made with our raw goat milk. We never use powdered or store bought milk for our  goat milk soap and we do not dilute our goat milk. During the winter months our does are pregnant with their spring kids so some of our goat milk products may be limited. We have champion dairy goats producing the highest quality milk with high butterfat content allowing us to create a super moisturizing bar with a whopping 25% goat milk. And because they are chemical free even those with the most sensitive skin can use our goat milk soap.

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