Our Story


It all started when…

Here at Bone Creek Farms, we are what you would call first-generation farmers. Our families before us didn't farm and our families after us may not (we sure hope they do though.) Somewhere along the way, we had this crazy notion that we wanted a farm with a lot of animals. Well here we are with over 100 chickens and 18 dairy goats and we haven't looked back.

 It actually started because I told my husband that I would love to have a couple of hens so that we could have fresh eggs. That led to us thinking that we wanted some goats. If you are an animal lover like we are then you understand how quickly your flock or herd can grow. Especially when you see that first little bitty or kid born. Everything changed for us and we had a brand new perspective on the whole "farm" thing.

We wanted all of our animals to have a good healthy life and be happy. We had to build a lot and expand a lot, but our chickens are able to free range and eat lots of bugs. They are never in cages. Our goats are also very happy or at least we think so. It always looks like they are smiling at us.